Nabi Consulting works in the development of your institution maintaining a relationship of mutual responsibility with all its audiences: owners, employees, customers, suppliers, community and State.

If that principle is maintained, everyone harmoniously turns towards the same side. We consider it important to establish agreements on services, deadlines, work terms, evaluation methods and systems of payment, subject to the fulfillment of the commitments mutually established under the following Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

Maximize the value of the company
Ensure satisfaction by fulfilling the commitments established with responsibility.
Assess and reward their abilities, contributing to their growth and quality of life.
Ensure and promote the fulfillment of obligations with the State institutions.
Contribute to their sustainable development and well-being.
Transparency and clear rules within a relationship of mutual benefit.

At Nabi Consulting we developed the culture of the five C´s:

  • Trust: we suggest relevant and accurate developments through our professional transparency.
  • Commitment: we long for institutions to develop. That implies objectivity, compliance with duties and realism.
  • Cooperation: we become a part of your institution´s team while working in your company.
  • Reliability: for you to be sure of our response, a Yes is a Yes and a No is a No with us.
  • Confidentiality: for us, your information is unique, valuable and sacred.